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    Blood Bowl Spike! Journal Issue 17 (English) - Blood Bowl
    Blood Bowl Spike! Journal Issue 17 (English) - Blood Bowl
    Blood Bowl Spike! Journal Issue 17 (English) - Blood Bowl
    Blood Bowl Spike! Journal Issue 17 (English) - Blood Bowl

    Blood Bowl Spike! Journal Issue 17 (English) - Blood Bowl

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    • Rules and profiles for Gnome teams and their Star Players
    • All your favourite columns, plus advice and strategies for getting the most from the plucky little tricksters and their forest friends
    • Additional rules for playing Gnome Garden Leagues, and using your Gnomes in Dungeon Bowl
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    Deep in the dank heart of the old forests, mischievous woodland creatures frolic, prance, and beat each other to a pulp playing the age-old game of Blood Bowl. This issue's guest editor, Davide Mirrorfoot, reveals just a few of the secrets of Gnome teams.

    While the average Blood Bowl fan isn't even aware of their existence, Gnomes have been playing the beautiful game as long as anyone can remember. Rarely venturing outside of their hidden forest lairs, they can be coaxed to play ball with the big folks – though they prefer to play against Halflings, their greatest (well, smallest) rivals. This issue of Spike! Journal braves the stupefying mists to reveal a strange world of magical gridiron action. If you feel compelled to learn more, it's surely no accident.

    This issue includes:

    Trifling Tricksters

    Vital background knowledge of Gnome teams in Blood Bowl, including a breakdown of the positions they play – Linemen, Beastmasters, and Illusionists, and the forest friends they bring to the pitch, including Woodland Foxes and Altern Forest Treemen.

    Famous Gnome Teams

    Thrilling tales of the Glimdwallow Geezers (not to be confused with the Glimdwarrow Groundhogs), Anti-Moot Meddlers, and more improbably-named teams.

    Team Spotlight: Glimdwarrow Groundhogs

    Hailing from one of the largest known settlements of Gnomes, this team has broken out of the bogs to play actual games across the Old World, becoming a firm fan favourite for their antics and plucky spirit. While highlights might be a stretch, you'll learn all about their history, team rating, and 2501-2502 lineup.

    Star Player Spotlight – Rowena Forestfoot

    Known as the Guardian of the Forest, this unlikely champion rides on the back of a stag. More focused and level-headed than many of her team-mates, she’s a dependable and agile asset to the Gnomes.

    Dirt from the Dugout

    Mindy Piewhistle exposes a scandal involving a Gnome team’s memorabilia, which may be too good to be true.

    Star Player Spotlight – Rodney Roachbait

    This Gnome is always angling for his next big catch. His mastery of the fishing rod proves quite handy, even if the balls end up punctured from time to time.

    Gnome Garden Leagues

    Fancy a casual game that’s big on magical hijinks, if not stunning feats of athleticism? Try your hand at using this set of rules for playing in the Gnome Garden Leagues.

    Mystical Forest Blood Bowl Pitch

    Includes rules for using the Mystical Forest Blood Bowl Pitch in your games, including special rules for a Forest Floor crawling with critters, a mystical Healing Glow, and Gnomish Portals. These rules are also included with the GnomeTeam - Double-sided Pitch and Dugouts Set.

    Gnome Balls

    Includes background and rules for 2 unique balls – the Oversized Acorn and the Gnomish Idol ball.

    Coffin Corner

    Spike! Journal's obituaries column commemorating those players who are no longer with us, whether trampled on the pitch, torn apart, or possibly eaten.

    Chat with the Rat

    Ace Skaven reporter Hackspit ‘the Scribbler’ Quillchewer tries to get to the bottom of an important question – what’s the difference between Gnomes and Halflings.

    Pro Playbook: A League of Their Gnome

    A thorough breakdown of what it takes to coach the Gnomes to an unlikely victory, including how to hire a team and develop them over time.

    Star Player Spotlight – Akhorne the Squirrel

    Don't make the mistake of underestimating this bite-sized bruiser. While the Gnomes are well-gnome for bringing their woodland pals to the pitch, this particular player puts the crit back in critter, racking up an impressive tally of casualties.

    Dungeon Bowl Update: Gnome Teams

    Provides a narrative and rules update for players to use your Gnome team miniatures in games of Dungeon Bowl.

    Mighty Blow! – Oh Gnome You Didn't!

    In this comic strip, Bob plumbs the confused shreds of his addled memory to piece together what little he knows about playing against a team of forest-dwelling Halflings.

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    Blood Bowl Spike! Journal Issue 17 (English) - Blood Bowl

    Blood Bowl Spike! Journal Issue 17 (English) - Blood Bowl

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